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A Feast for the Senses

One thing you can be sure of: when you attend any Polo match in Wellington, you will be treated to a cornucopia of delightful impressions. After all, that’s what we humans are all about. Being entertained by seeing, tasting, smelling, touching or hearing beautiful things.

Boy, let me tell ya, your senses will be on the proverbial overload, all in a good way.

Of course the most obvious one is through vision. Beauty is all around you. The well manicured grounds, the players, ponies and the action packed games by themselves are something to behold. Or if you’re into people watching, you can get your fill here easily. Oh, there is so much that’s easy on the eyes, if not soothing!


Polo fans enjoying the game from their tailgating tent


The images that surround the spectacular sport surely are memories to cherish.

Same goes for the sounds you hear. Like the whinnying or the neighing that goes on near the horse trailers. Sometimes, I think these could be the sweetest sounds in the world, at least they make me smile for a moment.

If you’re lucky enough, you get to pet one of the ponies. Touching another living thing is magic and instantly energizing. Dog or cat lovers understand the benefit of running your hand over the back of that beloved pet, and the gratifying feeling it produces.


A particularly beautiful Gray, resting after a match


The galloping sound, players yelling (yes Nic, we know), crowds cheering, and finally the loud and exaggerated nasal tone of the air horn. All of that under the voice umbrella of knowledgeable and extremely talented announcers. We love you, Dale and Jan. And Tony.

My personal favorite must be the scents: freshly mowed grass, the earthy smell coming from overturned divots. Sometimes, the ozone-rich air after a brief rain.

Then you have the aroma of a wide variety of food, whether prepared by chefs inside the Pavillion, or the many delicacies brought fieldside by the tailgating parties.

Add to that the scent of top shelf colognes, and you have a unique blend that ensconces you with pure pleasure. You won’t forget it.


Joe Budd making waffles at Pine Tree Farms


Talking about food, here comes a heavenly array to please your palates. You can always purchase tickets for the Pavillion and let them spoil you with gourmet meals. On the other hand, sitting comfortably on the sidelines while enjoying something home-cooked is an exceptionally satisfying feeling as well.

No meal is complete without your favorite beverage, and I suggest rounding out your experience with a glass of Champagne. Cheers and enjoy the game!


Troy and Tony during halftime, bringing back Champagne for the girls


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