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Beverly vs. Dundas at Valiente

Polo like we love to see it!

And not just for the gorgeous weather. A bit breezy, but otherwise the Number 1 reason to be in Florida this time of the year.

The entire match was absolutely delightful to watch. So you have the wonderful facility at Valiente paired with two remarkeable teams, and you got a winning proposition for any Polo fan.


A little friendly tussle between Hilario Figueras (#4, left) and Geronimo Obregon


But what you got today was bigger than that: it was Polo at its best.

What started out as a strong start for Dundas, has proven to become a tight game after all. Not until the third chukker did Beverly come out of its shell, and once they had tasted a bit of success, there was no stopping them.

Then it went back and forth – keeping us suspended until the last chukker, where Dundas had clearly demanded their space and regained control of the score board.


Roberto Zedda and his flying pony on a mission…


Dundas wound up winning 9 to 7, leaving a team behind that is worthy of being a respected adversary. Beverly almost had it in their pockets, and they sure were not a team to mess with easily.

Pure Ninja stealth.

Anyways – thank you for putting on a grand spectacle for us, because Dundas and Beverly, you both deserve kudos of the highest order.

Well played, Mylady and Gentlemen!


A winning match that’s seized and conquered in a tight race. Fantastic players on both sides!



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