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For the Love of Polo

My Mom is 90. She is in Germany in a nursing home, and her mind is as crisp as ever. I call her at least three times a week, and we talk just about anything that comes to mind.

But before we finish our conversation to say our goodbyes, she inevitably, reliably tells me one thing:

“You and Troy, go out and have as much fun as you can, as often as you can. Because when you are older and incapable of getting around, you’ll feed off those memories you made while you were younger, and they can sustain you.”

Ponies on their way back to their horsetrailer. February 6, 2017, International Polo Club


Sooo… needless to say, Troy and I are trying really hard. And for some 25+ years, Polo had been one of the things we enjoyed most, sitting fieldside whenever we could.

To make our memories last, I created this website. I hope that some day, we can look back and relive those moments that enriched our lives so much.

That being said, this site doesn’t claim completeness or official information. It is a casual site, celebrating a sport we love and the community that surrounds it.

I invite you to enjoy the sport as much as Troy and I do, and I would love it if you contribute your own memories!


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