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The Draw for the Inaugural Cup at NPC

You just HAD to be there.

As Tim Gannon put it, this casual meeting was part of history in the making. And he was right.

The Inaugural Cup at NPC is proof of stake for the USPA’s new home in Wellington. How lucky can you get? Now we get to watch not only some of Polo’s greatest players, but also THE first official tournament at the new home for the USPA.

Tonight’s draw assembled some of the finest players to hit the hallowed fields of the newly and appropriately renamed NPC. Each team captain or patron drew a number for their team that established their time of play and competing team.

The results are:

Thursday, 12/29/2022

12:00 p.m. Patagones vs. Dazos

3:00 pm Beverly Polo vs. La Fe

Sunday, 1/1/2023

TBA after Thursday, 12/29/2022. Please stay posted in our facebook group.


Thank You Gentlemen, for allowing me to take your photo!


Frankly, the 7th Chukker has always been a welcoming place. Lots of good memories!


Thank You Jimmy Newman for your presence at the games and your guidance. It’s a privilege to know you, Sir!


The board that contains all we need to know…


Every event needs a great MC: Thank You, Juan!


Tim Gannon made it perfectly clear: history was made tonight!


Carlucho Arellano (left), here with Joaquin Avendano


Troy, Bill Ballhaus, Steve, Stevie and Carlucho



Can you enjoy Polo games in Wellington, even if you don’t live nearby? Absolutely! Just go to to watch live. We recommend it!

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