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Inaugural POLO Mixer at Cugini Winery


Oh, what pleasant surroundings!

Cugini Winery has created a fabulous sampling room to try their wines. And last night, on January 4, 2023, we had the opportunity.

We were lucky enough to get a taste of heaven. Solid, traditional, multi-faceted flavors of whites and reds were presented to us, and Cugini has served some gourmet snacks along with it.

A shout-out is in order to Wellington’s newest gem, Thorough Bread Bakery. Your bread is divine!


Sometimes, outstanding quality can be found in a tucked away place, and definitely not mainstream

A good dozen people were at our inaugural POLO Mixer. They had the unique experience of great conversations revolving around Polo, while sipping on their favorite beverages and learning about this family owned winery.


A well stocked wine cellar makes for enough conversation by itself. Here, we could add our favorite sport into the mix…

Of course your photographer was busy sampling and socializing, so after the initial photo shoot of the sampling room, the camera went quiet.

You’ll just have to trust that this place is worth returning to. And we will!


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