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REVIVE Wellington – A Fountain of Youth

Full disclosure: REVIVE Wellington is a sponsor of the POLO in Wellington Fan Handbook


We would like to welcome REVIVE Wellington as the very first sponsor for POLO in Wellington. They have trusted us with their good name, and they were the first to purchase a printed ad in our inaugural fan handbook.


We have the tools available in today’s world…

Now I like having a relationship with all our sponsors, and I like to think that we are selective as to who we want to feature in our handbook and websites. So, off I went to visit their business and see for myself what they have to offer to our readers.


Bright, clean and friendly waiting area

I had very little imagination as to what to expect. I have to admit that in all my years, I have never had a facial or a procedure. Not because of my looks (I’m average), and not because of lack of opportunities. When I grew up in Germany, it just wasn’t something that you did. As simple as that. Call me old fashioned.


You’re greeted with a smile!

But I may change my mind now.

When you enter that store, you’re pleasantly surprised with the bright, modern decor. A cool white environment that makes you feel elevated. Like you’ve found a special place.

And in stark contrast to that chill interior, I was greeted warmly by exceptionally friendly staff. That to me is a winning proposition by itself: genuinely friendly people who are here to help.


Treatment awaits

They led me to every area, where I could see with my own eyes how dedicated they are at REVIVE Wellington. Clean rooms, fresh air, professional staff, well organized and set up for your well-being.

Here’s a little secret from the photo shoot. Don’t think that it was a quick walk through to get these pictures. Clients literally lined up for various services, and I had to wait for rooms to be cleared so I could take those photos.


Peeking into the paramedic’s domain

Surely, I may join their ranks in the near future. What I could gather about the Ozone Therapy leaves me feeling very hopeful. I believe in many alternative methods, but ozone makes much sense. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Looks comfy enough

Also, there is so much more. Don’t even get me started on the semaglutide. One of the most promising treatments to assist with weight loss, semaglutide seems like my long-anticipated answer to my prayers. I understand that it’s not for everybody, but to me it’s worth a shot.


Think of it as a spa, but better

Anti aging, immune boosters, cryotherapy. Yeah – I get it.

REVIVE Wellington would be a perfect place to get you started. No frills, but a focused strategy to improve how you look and feel.


Electric blue may hold the magic…


Products to support your journey towards a better you


Consultation area


Visit REVIVE Wellington’s website


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