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Making Memories!

Relive some Polo matches as we saw them with our eyes, and through a camera lens. We hope that you can appreciate the beautiful, exciting action on the field.

And maybe, you even get a sense of the camaraderie that we have experienced throughout the many tailgating parties over the span of 30+ years, which brought us as close as you can get to fieldside.

Believe us, when we say that there is nothing like Polo!

It’s a sport of kings indeed – but made accessible for everybody. You should become a part of it too. It gets you out of the house and into a beautiful setting, surrounded by nature and good people. You can easily and readily enjoy watching the live action on one of the many fields in Wellington, or you can learn how to play and participate as a player yourself.

That being said, we are looking forward to share what we love so much, and we invite you to comment freely and post your own memories!

Wellington is unique to the sport of Polo. It has a long history of drawing the finest players that the world has brought forth. And the countless celebrities who have attended or played in Polo matches here, have added glamour and definitely a sense of exclusivity.

Who doesn’t remember when Prince Charles played at the old Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, when he brought the world’s most beloved woman, Princess Diana to Steamers for a meal.

Or Tommy Lee Jones at the Player’s Club, being introduced to David’s Mum. For that matter, Neil Hirsch singing “That’s Amore” to Larry Brendler’s piano at Player’s after a Sunday afternoon game.

Or Kim and Chloe Kardashian, being shuttled in a golf cart along the field. A very sweet Don King, very dear Bennie Blades, John Legend, Madonna, John Walsh and so many more. You could meet Dustin Hoffman at the new Publix on Greenview Shores, completely unassuming and totally gracious.

They all came here because of Polo.


Sunset at International Polo Club after a match, February 19, 2017.


The magical sunsets, the Anheuser Busch Clydesdales, Miss Geico AMC offshore racing, the Super Car Show, the tailgating food and Kathleen’s free range eggs.

Tom Blake and his beautiful songs. Joe Budd and Matt, bringing their colorful costumes to half time divot stomping. Assados, barn parties, Tony Coppola, the Seventh Chukker and the Heatleys.

George and Brenda DuPont, Frederic Roy and the Morning Line, Chris Vining, Sandy Pallot Klein, Larry, Artie, Mike, Bruce, Rodney, John and Toy Wash, Julie Pickens, Maria, Aaron and Julie Menitoff with the most incredible food.

The wonderful Ganzis, and the entire team from Chukker TV. They are so loved.

Yes – that’s Polo in Wellington, and it has been home to us for a long time.

We wouldn’t want to miss it.


Juan Martin Zubia and Nic Roldan are trying to get control of the polo ball.


A word to close out this page with a Grand Finale:

We would like to thank everybody who is instrumental in putting up such a magnificent show: the club owners and their staff, the patrons, players, ponies, grooms, umpires and their support staff. Veterinarians, feed suppliers, caterers, chefs, servers, announcers, performers and anyone who makes this sport so worth watching. Thank You for your commitment and dedication!


~ Troy and Ingrid Webster


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