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The Triple Crown of Polo 2022

Oh, where to begin?

You didn’t have to know anything about the sport, to sense immediately that something special was underway.

People in their Sunday finery, flocking to the crowded stadium and the Seminole Casino Coconut Creek Pavillion. The busy hustle-and-bustle of staff. The decorations, the marvellous cake on display. Gala Terra in her extra sparkling, very pretty dress.


How proud it stands – the Triple Crown of Polo trophy!


And then your eyes were drawn to something shiny, glistening: the breathtaking beauty of the Triple Crown Trophy. Seeing it up close is a very, very special treat. Better than the Royal Crown Jewels, at least in my book, but everything is subjective, lol.

Because this trophy stands for an ultimate achievement: beating out competing teams to earn top honors in the world of Polo.


Drop-in at the center line


Now let’s remember: our site “Polo in Wellington” is all about the fan experience, how visitors feel when they watch a Polo game. What they see, what they hear, what makes another memory worth storing in the cerebrum.

There are much better writers or sports writers who will talk about the match itself, and the sequence of the game as it happened. They deliver accurate data, names and facts. Like Sharon Robb, our favorite.


Ravishing Mari Lauder Pati (left) is always full of life, always a pleasure to see


We’re just happy to share the memories and pass them on as we saw them. We like to be your eyes.

We are very social, Troy being the much more approachable person. I’m usually content to deliver photos and to post about our own experience.

And if you happen to run across Troy and I fieldside, please say “hi” and hang with us for a while.

A shared joy means twice the delight.


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