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Village Music 10th Anniversary Festival


Have you been to Village Music?

You’ll be mesmerized, making you want to come back often. It’s where you get your musical “fix”. AND you get to socialize among other music lovers, perhaps learn something new.

On this Saturday, they had their 10th Anniversary.


That banner alone made you want to be there

There is something to be said about a business that can hold its own through both a recession and a pandemic at the same time. Very successfully, may I add.

So of course we were intrigued, especially since we’ve spent many good times here before, listening to music, sipping some wine and having a bite.


A fabulous hostess: Donna Barron-Willey, who owns Village Music with her husband, Steve Willey.

Village Music in Wellington has made waves, or better: sound waves for ten years. That business has truly enriched our area by serving up the best combination one could imagine: food, drinks and music!


It’s a music store, but with a bit of an eclectic spin…

All those live performances, the music lessons, the musical instruments and the special happenings have now culminated in an anniversary celebration that’s left our town for the better. They’re so much part of Wellington. They’re family. That’s why we feel Village Music deserves a POLO in Wellington tribute.


Festive Today!

Everywhere you looked, your senses were stimulated by decorations and extra displays. Nicely done, Steve, Donna and staff!


Get inspired by the guitars? They’re some of the items you could win at the silent auction.

Troy and I were there to take it all in and write about it, and of course show some pictures. Take a look, you can easily see the vibrant atmosphere and the many smiles. People had a great time despite the grumpy skies outside.


Bob Reyers, owner of Cugini Winery, and visitors

They had so much going on: silent auction, live music, BBQ, personal hand crafted pizza, wine samples, art and educational displays.


You just can’t escape the mouth watering smell

BBQ works for us, every time! You really had a good choice to satisfy your hunger, whether bbq chicken, pulled pork and more from Eat da Bone BBQ.

Or Steve’s freshly baked creative pizza, made to your desire.


Steve is a culinary artist! He’ll serve you designer pizzas after your own heart.

The festive atmosphere spilled over: people were pleasantly and happily entertained by awesome music coming from terrific, experienced performers. Let us assure you, they hit all the right notes.


Live music is always good. But it is a special treat when it’s THIS good!

Local celebrity and artist Norman Gitzen was on hand to display his fantastic sculptures. He even gave a live demonstration of his skill on the forge. Note the horseshoes he used in his creations below.


Norm’s array of wares. He even brought his forge and anvil.

One special guest who is a VIP in her own right came in as Troy and I headed out: Denise Fleischman, photographer and reporter extraordinaire whose work you can find in the Town Crier, Wellington The Magazine and other publications.


The Grand Dame of News in Wellington, Denise Fleischman

So when we left, we knew that our next visit to Village Music won’t be far in the future, and we can’t wait to return for more.

Congratulations on your accomplishment, Village Music! You’ve built an iconic institution in our town.

Donna and Steve – you rock!


Visit Village Music’s website


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