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Work to Ride – A Tale of Magic!

Once in a while, somewhere unsuspecting and obscure, there is a seed sprouting which should make everybody proud to be a human being.

Of all the matches in Wellington, this was the one game that you shouldn’t have missed for anything in the world. It was special, and it was sweet as honey.


The “Work to Ride” crew making last preparations for their game


A beautiful charity, “Work to Ride” teaches underserved kids how to ride and play Polo.

Now, taking a horse as an athletic partner comes with responsibility. It is exactly this responsibility which strengthens character and raises self-esteem. A great combination for any young person, I’d say.


Polo, just as the pros do it!


And those players clearly demonstrated what they have learned: riding, playing Polo, responsibility, courtesy, team work, tenacity, respect and character. Troy and I felt so very privileged to have been there, watching magic unfold!


Last instructions and encouragement from Melissa Ganzi, co-owner of the Grand Champions Polo Club


My admiration goes to Barto and Jeta Castagnola, who have served as the kids’ guides during the game, and who have given their time to play alongside with our young proteges. Truly admirable, and so gracious!

But this match could not have happened, were it not for the generosity of the Ganzi family. Yes – that’s fantastic, but the support was not just monetary or the furnishing of ponies and facilities alone.

What was clearly evident to Troy and I, was the dedication with which Melissa Ganzi supported these young people, and the compassion she showed them with her warm, welcoming ways. Nothing short of love. And allow me to say it: that love went beyond the sport of Polo. Melissa cares.


Grand Champions Polo Club


Everybody wins in this game!


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